Ross Derrick enjoys his Orange account

SMS Text News reader Ross Derrick emailed me the other day to share his (positive!) experience with Orange after I solicited opinion. It’s good to read positive stories about Orange. It’s really depressing when you look at their offering, still. Anyway, over to Ross…

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I’ve been an Orange user for 3 years now. i currently have an n95 (fourth handset! will explain)

Call quality and coverage has been great for me.

I have been quite impressed by the custoemr service. When i first had a problem with my n95 they replaced it the next day with a new unit.

However this handset got stolen! 🙁 I rang Orange expecting to pay £300-400 for a new handset (this was when the HS had just come out) Indeed I was right. However the guy offered that If I take out an Orange Care contract for 12 months It would only cost me £100 for a new n95. So in total it cost me £172 to get my beloved nokia n95 back.

So the n95 went wrong a couple of weeks ago. During calls it would make a buzzing sound and also the gps had never worked. I phoned them up and explained. She apologised they couldn’t get a new handset to me the same day but offered to get me a new handset delivered in the morning between 9 & 12 pm.

BTW i phoned orange today to upgrade my price plan. Ive been put onto dolphin 35 for the same price im already paying! (£25/month)

I asked the guy if Orange have any decent data tariffs. I specifically referenced the great vodafone deal (500mb/month) He said, of course, they don’t but did say to me that a new data tariff will be coming soon to rival the vodafone deal!

I hope this is true otherwise, despite my good experience’s, I love the sound of the vodafone data deal.

So am I the only satisfied Orange customer then? 🙂

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Thank you for contribution, Ross!

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