ShoZu updates its Facebook profile

The folk over at ShoZu have been coming up with some new functionality for Facebook users – all through pop-ups on your phone’s idle screen.

The new functionality looks like this

• Have friends’ newest Facebook photos sent to the mobile as soon as they are posted, with the option to receive a collective feed of the latest photos from all friends and/or individual feeds from specific friends on the ShoZu screen.
• Request automatic delivery of friends’ Facebook status updates to the handset for retrieval from the ShoZu interface, making it easy to keep up with friends’ activities while on the go.
• Have their latest Facebook event listings forwarded to the phone on a regular basis for display on ShoZu, ensuring that users won’t miss the newest event posts as well as providing convenient reminders of parties and other events.
• Change their own Facebook status from the ShoZu screen without the expense of sending a premium SMS, whether they’re packing for vacation, in a new relationship, or looking for a friend to hang out with.

More nice ideas from ShoZu – they seem to have rather smartly picked up the most addictive and expensive elements of mobile Facebooking and then played up to that. More please.

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