SMS Text News 2008 Awards


Dan Ilett here – I’m the publisher for SMS Text News.

SMS Text News is giving out 19 awards for mobile industry excellence and one award for being dreadful.

The categories are:

  1. Best handset
  2. Best application in mobile
  3. Best marketing campaign
  4. Best public social use of mobile
  5. Best business person in the mobile industry
  6. Best user
  7. Best mobile marketing manager
  8. Best CSR story
  9. Best instant messaging tool
  10. Most innovative operator
  11. Best blogger
  12. Industry hero
  13. Industry villain
  14. Best service
  15. Best gadget
  16. Best reader
  17. Best use of SMS text message
  18. Best value product
  19. Best business use of mobile
  20. Best PR campaign
If you’d like to submit an entry (, the deadline is July 25th. Results will be announced in August, so stand by for details on that…
Get writing (500 words max).
We excitedly await your entry 🙂

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