T-Mobile launches $10 @Home

After a number of trials, T-Mobile has finally properly unveiled its home phone service. From next week, all of those T-Mobile users who really can’t bear to part with their home phone can sign up for the @Homer service, which promises unlimited nationwide long-distance calling (and other features like voicemail and call forwarding) for $10 a month.

T-Mobile customers will need the landline phone they normally use, a broadband connection, and the T-Mobile @Home HiPort Wireless Router with Home Phone Connection, available from T-Mobile for $49.99 on a two year contract.

It looks like a nice add on for T-Mobile customers and chances are it’s going to end up cheaper than whatever home phone option they had before. But signing up for a two year contract seems a little bit of a big ask, especially when the likes of Skype aren’t so pushy and offer a similar service.

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