T-Mobile puts $6m into LBS mob deCarta

T-Mobile’s venture capital arm, the not very surprisingly named T-Mobile Venture Fund has decided to put its money where its mouth is with location based services. The fund has announced that it’s investing $6 million in LBS company deCarta, which says it’ll be announcing more investors soon.

deCarta says it does the whole gamut of LBS services from “off-board, server-based applications offered by mobile operators through to “connected navigation” — the ability to integrate personal navigation devices and smartphones through real-time two-way mobile connectivity to a variety of dynamic data sources and local search services “.

deCarta has an impressive list of operators onboard but what’s even more heartening about this announcement is that deCarta really seems to be out to charm the developers to its platform. Looking forward to seeing what deCarta (and the developers) have in store.

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