Verizon and LG launch phone and headset combo

The phone is called the LG Decoy and it is a slider phone that has a built in Bluetooth headset. Pretty nifty.

The press release doesn’t say, but I’m assuming that there will be a holster designed specifically for it too.

Actually this is quite interesting and certainly seems to be an interesting development from Verizon. Will all phones be moving this way? Will a built-in headset soon become as important for normobs as the camera is now?

It does mean that more people can walk around looking important waiting for that urgent call that is so urgent they can’t even spare the time to get the phone out of their pocket or bag (or holster).

Seriously, with more and more pressure being applied on people in the US to be hands-free while driving, this could really be a winner.

Check out this article on the boon for bluetooth.

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