$115,000 for a Porsche Cayenne and it doesn’t have Bluetooth

Daniel Gibbons over at design and culture blog Orange Life is loving his Porsche Cayenne. He’s testing it at the moment and, shortly, he’ll be flying from good ol’ Vancouver to Heathrow where he will be met by the Porsche UK Team and handed a beast similar to this one:


He’s driving it around Scotland for an upcoming Orange Life feature. Good man! Visit Edinburgh!

The astonishing thing he told me just now is that the Porsche in-car phone system doesn’t do Bluetooth! Instead, if you’ve got the default in-car phone system, you have to put in your sim card to use it.

Fine, if you’re doing a 12 hour journey. But not if you’re getting in and out of your car every day. Who can be bothered taking out their sim card every time they get in their car?

It’s also a rather useless solution if, like me, you store your contacts on your phone memory and not your sim.

How do you manage your in-car phone calling? What’s the best system in your experience — and how much do you have to pay for a car to get it as standard?

By Ewan

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9 replies on “$115,000 for a Porsche Cayenne and it doesn’t have Bluetooth”

We all know the pinnacle of automotive and mobile evolution is the Volvo Estate, and a wired earpiece.

Bluetooth-schmootooth. Niche. Unless your name is Dave and you drive a white van, in which case you had a Motorola unit grafted to your head at birth.

any chance it can talk to the SIM card wirelessly?
in my N95 i have an option for 'Remote-SIM' – the help only says that 'if another device is using my SIM remotely, i can't use it locally'.

seems like a good way to do things – especially if the car's GSM can sync contacts automatically like i do now with my mac.

otherwise… well… you're right. crap implementation.

My wife Rosemarie has both a Cayenne S and a 911 Carrera 4SC. Neither car has a bluetooth option and it is a real pain in the botty. She uses *21*number# to divert her normal phone to whichever car she uses and #21# to switch back later.

The signal quality is great as the Porsche integrated phone (typically of Porsche) is quite brilliant. About time that Porsche got with the program though.


Maybe pay a down-on-his-luck Symbian coder to knock up a script, that runs a script when the handset sees an always-on bluetooth module (e.g. a cheap GPS unit) in either car?

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