Anyone up for an iPint

As a journalist there are two things I respect and hold close to my heart, truth and beer. Actually, possibly just beer, but that’s a story for another place… perhaps the pub. Mine’s a pint of Doombar please.

So, just to taunt me, Carling has devised a new advert for the iPhone that has the pundits raving.

The Indy describes the advert as “not only the best example to date of mobile advertising, but it also stretches the definition of what advertising is.”

Meanwhile, Gizmodo has put the advert as its favourite free game.

Not having an iPhone myself I’ve had to rely on YouTube:

Basically, it’s just a very clever piece of advertising that relies on being cool. Nothing that new and the hype surrounding it is a bit overkill – another great example albeit not for mobile was the My Name Is Earl Karma test to advertise its series 2 DVD.

I do, however, particularly love that Carling has thought it through to a T. The phone’s accelerometer makes it perfect for the virtual pint.

As the Indy pointed out, however, this might not be the most responsible form of advertising. It is a game that I would have loved when a growth stunted 15 year old. And Which? it seem’s feels the same way – the watchdog has accused food advertisers of employing “irresponsible approaches” to influencing kids into choosing junk food.

Say what you will, however. This rocks.

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