Are half of mobiles really online?

How often do you check the web from your mobile? What stops you?

According to new research by ICM Research and the London School of Economics (LSE) has suggested that nearly half of the UK mobile phone owners are checking it daily. 45 per cent (albeit the study doesn’t say of how many) check it daily and 24 per cent are checking sites such as Facebook on the mobile.

I’ve been known to access the web from the mobile but generally only in an emergency and always I always end up cursing the cost of doing so. In fact, the only person I know that does check it daily has a BlackBerry with an unlimited data package.

A quick straw poll of friends suggest that they simply wouldn’t. One cursed (you don’t want to hear his comments verbatim) the little, easy to press button on his Sony Ericsson that connected him to the web all too accidentally.

So is it true? Possibly, most of my friends didn’t know of Orange’s new plan which gives you unlimited web if you’re on a £35 or over package.

Still, either my friends and I are behind the times or there’s some survey bias – I’m hoping for the latter.

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