Bell & Telus to start charging to receive text messages. – STUPID!


Backwards Canada strikes again, I honestly checked the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

Oh my god. I can’t believe it. Things should not be getting worse.

I just heard on the news that Bell & Telus are going to be charging 15 cents to receive a text message.


This is stupid, beyond stupid, like honestly, I think Fred Flinstone has a better mobile plan than I do. And he has to chisel out his text messages.

I can’t control who sends me a text message, why should I get charged for it?


If you happen to have a plan that includes say, 500 text messages a month. The received messages will just eat away at that.

Rogers doesn’t plan on charging to receive messages, honestly I think that’s only because they can’t afford anymore angry customers after the iPhone price plan fiasco.

Their excuse for starting to charge to receive messages? Canadians are sending more now than they used to, so they just can’t afford to keep the current system in place. Canadians sent 369,000 messages when inter-carrier service came to Canada in 2002, and last year they sent 10.1 billion.


I can just see all the mobile providers sat around a table

Mr. Bell
“They’re catching on! We have to figure out how to stop them! I know we’ll charge them more!”

Mr. Rogers “Well we know they’ll pay it! Look at those data plans we’ve had, and our stupid new iPhone plans! They’ll fall for anything!”

Mr. Telus “Tee hee hee”

I’m done, honestly, I’m going to start carrying around two tin cans and a piece of string.

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What can I say, RETARDED (all negative inferences included).

These guys need to get fined. How is this not collusion, when two providers come out so near to each other with a significant change to how they price their plans? What about Racketeering?


I am thinking of doing something in Calgary, if I did something at City Hall and called our Calgary MPs would you back me up and push it on your site? It feels like one cannot just stand near the edge and cast stones any more but risk embarrassment to achieve some level of equality.

Your thoughts. You know how to reach me.

*This was actually the easiest way to reach you ;')

Well, not that the USA is the paragon of good sense cell phone plans, but we've been being charged for incoming texts and minutes forever — of course, that's offset by the fact that I have a nice little unlimited plan, but if you are on a bucket plan or pay-per-use plan, you'll get charged 15 cents for incoming/outgoing.

Still, Canada does seem to be bass ackwards, so I agree with your central point.

And the rest of the world thinks Canada is a smart country. Lots of guns granted, but on the whole, chilled-out (and handy to know in a snowman-building contest).

Maybe this will all change, as neighbours arguing over hedges turn to registering each other for spam-text services…' all downhill from there Krystal. I'd get out now while you can 😉

Europeans are always amazed that anybody in North America has to pay for an incoming call or text. It simply doesn't make sense since you are not in control of mis-dials, calls from old girlfriends/boyfriends/stalkers you don't want. Worse yet, such charges actually end up costing the phone companies more because advertisers are affected by this news and become more reluctant to run promotions via text message.

You know what's funny? A Bell has a plan where you can only use local calling within Vancouver. Calling to a number in Burnaby or Surrey orRichmond, you pay $0.15 / min. Now THAT is RETARDED.

When I saw that plan from Bell, it was the most stupidest plan ever.

Better off with Fido's City plan where I pay $45 / month (not including tax) for unlimited calls during evenings (after 6pm) on weekdays and all day on weekends with 150 minutes daytime minutes.

I used to be a Telus customer. But with so many negative billings, I switched. I was thinking of Bell, but when I saw just how retarded their plan options. Make sure you read the fine prints for the catch thing BEFORE you sign up… they will trick you into signing up and you will regret badly in the end.

Bell is retarded with their plans. And now they want to charge for SMS INCOMING (Bell and Telus)???? I can see them losing more customers that way EASILY…

I have so many friends who USED to be on Bell and Telus. All of them have had bad experience. They're all on Rogers / Fido now. With GSM network and with SIM cards you can get new phones or other phones and swich around easily on the go. ESPECIALLY with phones you can only get from other places, get them unlocked, insert my same SIM card, voila!

Landlines? No need for one for the past 5 years now. We all have cell phones on us 24hrs /7 days…so darn convenient. Still get calls while out of house. Never miss a call.

But Texting on the Increse should be a good thing for the Networks???
I think it's time for all Canadians to abandon Bell & Telus and switch to Fido & Rogers. Bell & Telus need a real good kicking

Don't be silly Roges will be following suit…… if there is money to be made!!!!!

Bell as usual is laughing at customer. Steal and Bell should be synonym. Unlimited intenet has limit now… free sms received are not free. Contract allows change from bell ( no uppercase for asshole ) but any change from customer can ( will ) get a price increase. Communication is still a monopoly. We ill always be victims

Don't be silly Roges will be following suit…… if there is money to be made!!!!!

Don't be silly Roges will be following suit…… if there is money to be made!!!!!

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