Apparently, KDDI has put its super-fast version of the wireless infrared link on display at a Japanese tradeshow just outside Tokyo. The technology, called Giga-IR transmits at 1Gbps, which trounces bluetooth.

According to Tech Radar:

KDDI says it has deliberately targeted a higher class of wireless link to distinguish Giga-IR from Bluetooth and other cable-free rivals.

A spokesperson said, “We aimed at a sharp increase in data rates, considering rates of around 100Mbit/s are not fast enough to differentiate our technology from existing wireless technologies.”

A quick check of my iTunes library, which takes an age to transfer to my phone, suggests that each album comes to 40 or 50MB so would take less than a second to shift across. Indeed, at those speeds, my entire media album would still only take a few seconds to move to a phone.

If it really can transmit at that speed then it puts a whole new slant on recording high quality film too. Simply press record and store it direct to an HDD.

The IRDA created the following to explain the technology. Unfortunately, the organisation forgot words but it vaguely explains it.