Canadian Cellphone Market Faces Shakeup

Link: Cellphone market faces shakeup as new and old players bid $4.25B for spectrum

Well we all knew the Canadian government released a percentage of our bandwith to other companies, here’s the results of yesterday’s auction.

OTTAWA – Canada’s wireless landscape faces a major shakeup over the next year with the potential addition of a national and several regional cellphone providers offering users more services, options and lower charges.

The federal government’s wireless spectrum auction concluded Monday with 15 firms – current and prospective entrants – bidding a surprising $4.25 billion for bandwidth space across the country.

“I think you will see significant changes over the next 12 months,” said Iain Grant of telecommunications consultants the Seaboard Group.

“You will see new players, more choices and for sure lower prices.”

Ok, please please please please please. Pretty please, with sugar on top.

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