Discovering the N82: Your application suggestions please!

Ricky here, I wanted to let you know about a new miniseries I am going to be doing on SMS Text News over the next few weeks. Its name I hear you ask? Discovering the N82, so what is this all about then?
As you may or may not as well as using Blyk, my main provider is T-Mobile with a Nokia 6300. I have never owned a Series 60 phone, so therefore I will bringing you a range of posts on how I get along with the N82. I am sure you are all wondering why a contributor on SMS Text News has never used N series; the reason is quite simple cost and T-Mobile’s crap handset offerings.

Now in preparation of getting the N82 I need your help with applications I should try out, currently I have only used the Gmail Checker on my 6300. If you have any suggestions on what applications I should try on the N82 obviously Shozu and QIK are mentioned a lot on the site, however if you can think of any more that I should try then please post them below.

WOM World has kindly put some applications on for me and some N-gage games as well.

• SkyeCaller PRO – A neat little application that lets you personalise your handset to the extreme, with incoming, outgoing video ring tones and loads more
o More information here:

• Psiloc Connect – Is basically the clever way to connect to the internet through your handset. Set priority connections, and get the most out of the connections you have, whether it be 3G or through WLAN
o More information here:

• We:offset – This application helps you off set the CO2 emissions of essential journeys. Basically helping you use mobile technology to do your bit for the environment.
o More information here:

I am looking forward to writing up my experiences with the N82 over the next few weeks, and I must also thank WOM World for providing me with the handset and making it all possible.

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Ensure you have the latest version of Nokia Maps on there (download it from the Nokia Site) – that is pretty cool. And Nokia's Beta Email app is fantastic – – if you use something like Gmail or Hotmail, If you use Outlook – eMoze is great. Ooh and if you're remotely sporty – the Nokia Sports Tracker is sweet!


There are absolutely loads out there!

For cheaper calls theres Truphone and Vyke

Google Maps of course!

Opera mini (although it's java it's a blinding browser experience)

Nokia Step Counter

Nokia Sports Tracker

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