Stop! The Apple Store can’t sell iPhones!


Whatley here – I just got a call from our man on the street, Dan Lane –

(that’ll be the new version of Nokia PC Suite)

Bless Dan… I almost feel sorry for him.

After hearing that the Apple Store might have some iPhones to sell – our hero decamped to Regent Street to see what he could lay his hands on…

Turns out the answer is NOT MUCH.

Dan is still queuing.

The o2 servers have gone down. The Apple Store hasn’t sold an iPhone for the last TWO HOURS..

Can you say: “Worst. Launch. Ever.” ???

Apparently Apple have drafted in o2 staff to do manual sign ups as the o2 systems couldn’t handle the load.


Bet you wish you’d waited now… Heh

Oh and by the way, I’m hot desking at the Mippin offices in Fulham today, (Hi Guys!), and I’ve just taken delivery of a brand new Nokia N78 + MD4 speakers from those lovely folk at WOM World…
Expect a review in a couple of weeks.

…and I didn’t even have to queue.

By Ewan

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5 replies on “Stop! The Apple Store can’t sell iPhones!”

O2: hiring the IT team that Twitter rejected.

Apple must be raging that O2 have fubarred this again. The writing was on the wall with he difficulties last october! Didn't they bother scaling?

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