E71, N96, Blackberry Bold, Sony Xperia… ALL coming on 3

Yes, you read that right.

The Nokia E71 is coming within two weeks to 3UK.

Followed by the Nokia N96, the Sony Xperia and the Blackberry Bold.


The 3UK Christmas strategy was revealed to us here at SMS Text News this morning at their launch event — the mobile equivalent of a fashion collection preview.


I’ve got photos. I’ve got QIK. I’ve got prices.


3’s going live with laptops very shortly. And some pretty sexy ones too.

And the 3 Skypephone … it’s much sexier, built-in modem driver so you can use it a a dongle (literally just plug it into your laptop to get started) and it’s got a heck of a lot more features worthy of it’s HSDPA status.

More coming.

By Ewan

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18 replies on “E71, N96, Blackberry Bold, Sony Xperia… ALL coming on 3”

Fantastic to see that Three are embracing Blackberry. I'm curious about dates though – you mention 'The 3UK Christmas strategy', is that when these terminals will go on sale with Three?


That's awesome, I wonder if they'll let me upgrade to the E71 early 🙂 … sounds like we were spot on with our predictions in the podcast, even though I said it was unlikely they'd have a blackberry (or did that bit get cut?)

They've got the white keypad on the E71 as an exclusive apparently.

BTW Ewan, did you really post this at 11:49 this morning? I must've totally missed it! Skypephone 2 looks nice, but I'm hating that keypad and I told them so! Quite like the look of the Blackberry Bold, and they've done the right thing with the HP Mini-note.

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