Everything you wanted to know about the SMS Text News Awards


‘Tis I. Ewan. Your friendly mobile blogger from SMS Text News.

Ah hah!

You’ll have noticed that we’ve posted quite regularly about the upcoming SMS Text News Awards.

We’ve had hundreds of entries so far so thank you very much indeed to all who have taken the time to do so.

1. Entry. You need to be quick. We need a description and a note on the category(s) that you are entering for. The deadline is tomorrow. Quick! Email us a holding email if you like as we won’t begin the judging. The email is awards@smstextnews.com.

Don’t be shy. A few enterprising companies have entered for almost every category.

2. Prizes. We were looking at a 6ft bronze statue of SMS Text News contributor, James Whatley, posing with an N95 and an N82 in his hands, for all winners. Whilst we liked this concept and it could look rather fetching in the reception areas of the winners, we eventually decided on some kind of plaque/shield.

3. Award ceremony. Yeah, none of that. We won’t be doing sit-down dinners or black tie arrangements. Not yet. The overhead for this is a bit high. We’ll be announcing the winners on the site during a live chat event.

4. Profiles. We’ll be doing a piece on each winner and we’ll also be doing smaller pieces on the runner-ups. Everyone’s a winner!

5. Judging panel. The panel is being composed as we speak. Image rights are being negotiated. I’m on it, but other participants will be announced momentarily.

Any questions? Mail!

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