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Joikuspot premiumJoikuSpot is a clever little application that lets you turn your S60 phone into a WiFi hotspot allowing other devices to use data via your phone’s 3G data connection.  It’s been available in beta and then in ‘light‘ form for some time now providing a limited feature set (missing WiFi encryption or support for protocols other than web browsing),  but yesterday JoikuSpot Premium was launched filling all the gaps.  I’ve had a quick look…


There’s a feature list for JoikuSpot Premium here for full details, but suffice it to say I am writing this on a Mac, next to me is a PC and an iPhone and they are all simultaneously using the 3G connection from my E61 via Three.  And get this… the PC is connected to my employer’s corporate network via a VPN!  Across the 3 machines I have IMAP mail, web browsing, VPN, Outlook (connected to an Exchange server) and an IM client connected to all the major networks. All at the same time!  Wow!

joikuspot_vpnSo far it’s been rock solid (one re-start of my web browsers required to get them to pick-up the new connection) and boom… online.  30 minutes uninterrupted so far. The E61 only supports 3G, but with a 3.5G device this would really fly (not that performance isn’t excellent now).  The only downside (predictably) is that it munches battery – have a charger available or use a Proporta for a running top-up as I am doing.

And to cap it all there’s a sale on or the first month… 40% off so JoikuSpot Premium is only €15.  A bargain – I’ve bought my own copy just now.

Run, don’t walk, here and buy it for yourself… or test the free ‘light’ version for yourself first.  There’s a white-label version for network types who want to brand it up.

Did I mention it rocks?

By Ben Smith

Ben is an expert on enterprise mobility and wireless data products. He has been a regular contributor to Mobile Industry Review since 2007 and is also editor of Wireless Worker.

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Well, well, well. This couldn't have come at a better time. Thing is, my internet is down and for a day or two I have to rely on something similar to what you've described, e.g. using my N95's data plan. Tried JoikuSpot Light, it simply disconnects every minute or so. Don't know about Premium, but based on the utterly ridiculous experience I had with the free one, I definitely would not buy it. Now happily using WalkingHotSpot's beta (free as well). The only downside I see right now is that this version is limited to one client (read:computer) connected at a time. I think I'll be able to live (without disconnect, so to speak) with that.

The premium version is light-years ahead of the light one. I've been using a beta of the Premium for months, and often sit at my desk, clocking up 7hrs / >250MB over the space of a day. Yes, you need a charger. It's not Joikuspot's problem, as a comparison running Bluetooth or a data cable gives similar battery usage results. The 3G connection is >90% of the power consumption, IMHO.

The Premium lets you set WEP encryption to stop others nicking your broadband, and change the SSID name as well. w00t!

Sadly, nope.

The Symbian protocols governing WiFi only allow creation of an Ad-Hoc connection. The DS (and PSP) both use a proprietary protocol, whereby on connecting to an Ad-Hoc connection they think they are talking to another DS / PSP. So accessing the net on a DS / PSP via JoikuSpot (or WalkingHotSpot for that matter) is not possible.

It's not Joiku's problem, it's Symbian / Nintendo / Sony. It may change in future relases of S60, or future devices, but no time soon……

…..hence why Joiku don't mention those devices on their product page.

Vlad, Both versions have been rock solid for me except when local coverage has been poor (or the data's failing anyway for some other reason with or without JoikuSpot) perhaps it's a problem with somehting else?

As the Wii base unit has WiFi (like the PS3 does) then you might be able to connect.

But I know for sure the DS/PSP don't. Their logic is that if you are on an Ad-Hoc connection, it must be to another DS/PSP for gaming. Maybe the Wii is the same? Anyone able to confirm?

So what do you make of this for Operator version? Operators are just going to turn around and say “Oh great, an application which turns us into even more of a pipe and destroys the market/supply chain in 3G dongles! Wonderful, we welcome this with open arms!” I don't think.

I would like to hear what you think though guys. I mean dont get me wrong, I use Joikuspot all the time and in fact it was an epiphany moment for me, but I can't see operators buying it. Please convince me otherwise.

No idea really. The Light just kept disconnecting. WalkingHotSpot works
wonderfully for me, however a lot of people said it didn't work for them.
Strange this.

I bought it as well. Brilliant application! Running it on my E71 and three network as well.

I bought it as well. Brilliant application! Running it on my E71 and three network as well.

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