How not to reassure your customers!

Some of you may recall my complain to Blyk I posted yesterday; this was directly aimed at my frustration of some of the Blyk staff, but also turned out to be a ranting ramble about the audacity that Blyk think they have to expand.

Well it seems, they’ve finally gotten around to reading my complaint (it took them nearly a week), and as I suspsected I got a standard response.

Hi Samantha
Thank you for your email.
I am sorry to hear that you are continuing to experience problems activating your replacement sim card.
Firstly I would like to acknowledge your frustration and concerns over the way in which you say you have been treated by some members of the Blyk Member Care Team. We take your comments seriously and I can assure you that the points you have raised will be investigated and any findings will be dealt with in accordance with our internal policies.

With regard to the activation of your sim card; I understand that you have been speaking to *** and he has been trying to help you get active. I can also confirm that as these actions have not be successful, the information has been escalated to the technical team who are investigating it further.

I will monitor you account closely and I hope it will not be too much longer before you can start to enjoy using Blyk.
Kind regards
Team Manager
Blyk Member Care Team”

The thing is, they aren’t sorry. It was only yesterday I was informed my problems regarding my account activation were being passed onto the “higher technical team” – what? Isn’t a technical team, a technical team?
Well, apparently not.

Also, even some of the staff (who are nice), express concerns or frustration about the service. I was once told that it was “annoying how the service goes, and as a Blyk member I share your concerns”. Yes, Mr. Staff member you may be a Blyk Member, but you’re there, you can shout at the people without having the call disconnected, you have direct access to the Technical Team (and the higher one too). Whereas there is me, and the other hundred-odd-thousand members left just sitting here like ducks in a pond.

I cannot even remember the number of times I’ve asked to speak directly to the Technical team. Any other company, phone network, or whoever will do this. If I phone up my ISP, they have specialist departments for computers, broadband and the like. I can speak to the technicians, I can cut out the middle man. Blyk don’t want to do this, and this has delayed the process so much more.

Should I even mention, that Blyk now does not recognise mobile phones that they have on their compatiable list?

Why is this happening to a company who should be good? And more importantly, why isn’t Blyk stopping their plans to move overseas, and start getting the service here working properly. I mean, not having message reports? I remember having those on my first phone way back in 2002; it’s 2008, there is no excuse for being so poorly organised and equipped.

– Rant over –

Oh, I should also add… It was a noreply@ address. It seems they don’t want my response.

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