I just bought an N95 8GB on T-Mobile

So, I went through a spate of mobile purchasing last night. The iPhone, yeah. And then T-Mobile.

Well, I feel it is my mobile-industry duty to have a handset on every network. I’ve got the UK covered and I have a dormant $10/month Sprint account in the States, too. (Since they’re CDMA, their devices obviously don’t work in the UK.)

I headed over to my T-Mobile account and clicked on the ‘upgrade me’ link. I played around in my mind with buying a Windows Mobile device… then I clicked on the N95 8GB.

There was a ‘confirm’ button.

I pressed it to see what would happen.

“Thank you, your order is being processed!”



So. Right. I, er, have a new phone. And, presumably a new contract will come into force when I accept it.

Although at no point was I explicitly advised on this. That’s a bit spooky. I don’t know if I’ve signed up to an 18-month, a 12-month or a 24-month stonker.

I suspect I shall find out by reading the delivery note that arrives with the handset.

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