iPhone – it’s not all bad

But wait, what is this … a positive outcome from the iPhone 3G launch. It just goes to show that it’s not all bad – maybe it was Dan’s fault after all (only joking Dan ;-))

This time Lauren from Sonus PR – who’s promise of a new iPhone couriered to her didn’t materialise – got on the phone to try and sort out the problem. As you can see from her story below it wasn’t a smooth process, but eventually she got the right outcome – a shiny new iPhone 3G.

– – –

So, when we last left off I had been charged for my iPhone, £99, but was told by customer services that there was no order on record under my current contract. The lady at customer services, frantic from all her previous callers, searched and searched to see what glitch had occurred … O2 hold music proceeds … ‘Right, I’ve found your order’ she says 🙂 ‘but unfortunately for some reason it has gone through as a new contract not an upgrade’. Ah! So I asked if I would be able to transfer my number over and cancel my previous contract, ‘I’m not sure’??? So, apparently I have an iPhone being delivered to me with a new number and new contract and I may not be able to transfer my number … worse still if I want to keep my number and it can’t be transferred then I will have to send back the iPhone! Disaster! So, now a waiting game for it to arrive and see what happens when I plug it in …

It arrives!!! Very exciting! I open it up and plug it in and get straight onto the phone to O2 customer services (to ensure no more mistakes) to explain the situation before I do a thing. I’m told that I need to speak to Apple to transfer my number, Apple tell me I have to speak to O2 :-S … Anyway, I use some initiative and while I have the Apple chap on the phone I get him to tell me a few things to make sure that I transfer all my old iPhone info onto my new iPhone.

Now, I get back onto O2 and the poor girl at customer services was going nowhere and it was looking unlikely for me to be able to transfer my number over (which I need to do as it’s on all my business cards). So I ask to speak to a manager to see if we can resolve this quickly, and possibly like Dan have to cancel the contract and send back the new iPhone 🙁 The manager is much more upbeat about the situation and tells me that they will be able to complete the transfer, just simply take my sim from my old iPhone and put it in the new iPhone … Really? So simple and yet I have been on the phone all morning with various O2 and Apple customer service staff … I try it and it works!! He said to me ‘we will cancel your new iPhone contract and add the new iPhone to your existing contract’ … exactly what I had tried to do during my initial upgrade order online … hooray! My number was transferred within the hour and I still had my original £45 refund for my bill due to all the stress.

So, I am one happy iPhone 3G user, finally. It was a long road to get here but I think that it was all worth it 🙂

– – –

Well done Lauren. But seriously, come on guys, it should take that much effort from a customer to spend money with you.

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