Just bought a phone? Tell us about it!

If you’ve just bought a phone, we want details. Krystal wants to know everything — in one or two sentences.

I’ve asked her to include some mini-profiles on readers who’ve just bought a new mobile phone. I think it would be interesting to read what you’ve just bought. And how you’re finding it. Just two sentences with your name (company, if applicable) and location. And we’ll put you in next week’s newsletter.

Krystal doesn’t know about this yet, actually. She’s in Canada so is still, technically asleep, at the time of posting. So if you get in quick, she’ll wonder why you’re emailing her details about your new phone for the newsletter.

Knock her over a mail:

Now, did you spot the rather glaring point in Krystal’s newsletter editorial last week? She was writing in a hurry as we’d changed the structure around just before we sent it — so she, er, mistakenly wrote that she was looking forward to coming into your inbox every week.

This perfectly innocent statement caused quite a few raised eyebrows from readers who emailed and IM’ed me. One chap asked if there was a subscription fee for the next edition. Cheeky!

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By Ewan

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