Linux phone being shipped

Yes, whilst other people are getting very excited about the iPhone 3G I’m getting geeky on their ass and getting truly excited about a Linux phone.

Indeed, could someone pass me a new pair of pants, I’ve appeared to wet myself with anticipation.

It’s finally being shipped.  Openmoko’s Neo FreeRunner, that sexy looking open-source handset (did I mention I was a Linux geek) has finally been sent to distributors.  So hopefully it will be hitting the mass market shortly.

Unfortunately for me, for now at least, the distributors are all based in in Germany, France and India.  At £200 through OpenMoku’s website, it’s also priced a little out of my cheapskate hands.

The phone has a good touchscreen (480×640 pixel), internal GPS, Bluetooth, wi-fi etc. etc. however, what looks really good is that it has two 3D accelerometers so it should, theoretically at least, make games such as iPint possible.

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