My shitty Nokia 6300 has run out of memory

I was about to write about the Nokia 6300 in glowing terms.

It’s the popular candybar phone given out to executives in companies. Small, light, good battery.

Shit address book.

I tried synching it with my Apple. Not compatible at the minute. There’s probably some annoying work around.

I tried using Zyb to synchronise my address book. It half worked. Nothing to do with Zyb. Not Zyb’s fault. My shitty 6300 won’t store over 1500 contacts. I got a ‘memory full’ error on it whilst the sync was taking place.

So here is yet another blog post. How many posts can I write about how shite my Nokia experience generally is?

People email me and IM me now and again trying to defend Nokia. Only last week I was talking with an uber popular Nokia-fancier blogger. When we sat down (virtually) via IM and I made my case, the blogger simply couldn’t answer my points.

It’s not a campaign of hate. It’s a reality check.

It’s 2008 and my NEW 6300 can’t store 1500 contacts? It’s ‘out of space’? How many kilobytes do you need to store 1500 contacts? What is WRONG?

Now you can take a step back and say the handset works well. It does. Audio quality is nice. Long battery. Nice screen. Next. That’s given, though. That’s par for the course.

Only, … the shocking thing is that in 2008, it isn’t.

We’re delighted if we get a new handset AND the audio quality is good, and the keyboard or keys works well AND the battery doesn’t drain in 20 seconds.

It’s simply not good enough.

I tried using Nokia’s Mail for Exchange. No. Not compatible.

I tried iSync.

I tried Zyb synching.

That’s a reasonable amount of effort.

Geniuses will point out that I haven’t yet tried the Nokia PC suite, but my contacts aren’t there.


Just like normal, I need to bend around Nokia. Not the other way.

By Ewan

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19 replies on “My shitty Nokia 6300 has run out of memory”

but its only a little phone Ewan….!

Series 40 phones have gained a lot in the last year or so with some great screen resolution that matches it's bigger brother the series 60 so its easy to think they can do as much as the the 60… But they can't !

Thats why they have two operating systems I guess….

This says to me that Nokia should have a headline figure like “1500 contacts” on the box. Althought 1500 contacts is soooooo beyond the norm that they probably never even considered it.

Other possible labels? “works with PC only”, “1 minute startup time”, “Inaudible walking down street” etc.

That may have prevented any angst. But, somehow, I doubt it.

S40 is a phone OS with applications built on top, S60 is a mini computer OS with phone computability built on top.

That aside, I agree, why is there a 1500 limit for contacts?

1500 contacts ought to be be enough for anybody /billg

I'd say, it's time for a prune. Do you really still need the number of the takeaway from when you lived in the other side of the country? 🙂

On the spec page – – it says it has up to 7.8MB internal memory. Assuming all the memory can be allocated to contacts – that's about 5Kb per contact. Probably a sensible amount if you're reserving space for several phone numbers, work and home addresses and a photo.*

Of course, with the price of memory crashing at the moment, they could have stuck a GB of memory in there and not had to jack the price up much.

*Although the same spec page says it can store 1000 contacts. So Ewan got 50% extra FREE!

Curse you, deliverer of free handsets! How dare you not allow for my bordering-on-mobile-fetishist requirements 😉

Maybe in order to complete the circle of living the Normob experience, you should dump 1,450 of your contacts and see how the rest of the world lives?

They are mostly Mrs Mike42's knitting circle, plus a few used Volvo Estate salesmen.

If I had friends I wouldn't have so much time to post here :-/

We are onto our 4th one. The N95 8GB of the Volvo world, having started out with a Motorola 9600.

The really new ones are apparently the N96 model – looks nice, in theory should be better, but just doesn't quite crack it. Friend who purchased new Volvo is disappointed. As I predict N96 buyers will be.

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