(Red) apples

I have just realised how shallow I am. Up until this point I didn’t want an iPhone. In fact, I once got into trouble with a client that made the iPhone’s audio chips, Wolfson, because I badmouthed the iPhone shortly before its launch.

The gist of the rant, which I still believe, was I only want a phone that can make calls and texts. Yes, it has to be small. And No, I won’t get one that plays silly ring tones. Since I’m a cheapskate Wi-Fi instead of needing to pay for the interweb would be nice.

I have a camera. I have an mp3 player (2 in fact). I don’t check my email when on the move – they can always wait.

So, it has struck me as rather odd to now want an iPhone. The reason being (and I know how badly this comes across) is that it’s now available in (Red).

Rumours are apparently out in force that Apple is preparing a Product (Red) version of the iPhone in time for Thanks Giving.

The source is unconfirmed and could be complete rubbish but it wouldn’t exactly be a big step for the company, it already makes a (Red) nano and shuffle. Here’s hoping.

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