Rocking back to the UK with my PMN and a massive todo list


That’s me returned back to Blighty. A buggy whisked me from the SMS Text News villa to the seaplane. The seaplane took me through a timezone (-1) to Male and that’s where I stood sweating and every so slightly panicking about whether or not I’d be able to get this Private Mobile Network (PMN) unit back from the Maldives Customs easily.

Well it turns out it was a simple formality. I handed over my half of the chitty and one of the chaps brought out the PMN box.


It’s that simple.

I whisked over to the Thomson Fly premium counter and checked in. Then an Airbus whisked me to Gatwick.

Cue more panic at UK Customs. If the Maldives Customs Service didn’t like my PMN, what of their ‘how many mobile phones have you got’ British counterparts?

I walked through the Green nothing-to-declare counter — everything I had with me was legal and woosh. No problem.

No ‘can I see inside your box?’

No ‘is this your mobile network, sir?’


So I am now ready to test out the Private Mobile Network unit properly. For all those who have been emailing me and accosting me on instant messenger to show off and use the unit, I say ‘Standby’. It’s going to be good.

I’ve also got a substantial amount of content to publish, including a look at Blue Mobile from Blue Systems — a brilliant real-time market data service for mobile devices.

There’s also a lot to get moving. We’ve got the SMS Text News Awards fast approaching. That’s going to be an interesting one. If you haven’t nominated your company, product or service, do. It’s not some staid boring know-nothing set of awards. We’ve put a heck of a lot of thought into it. There’s also no ceremony. We’re not doing tables and black ties and slightly-ok-food. But there is a hhh-yougeeee party.

We’re in the midst of the DeviceAnywhere Developer Roadshow. In fact I’m due to pop up to Newcastle to meet one particular mobile developer and innovator soon.

And the guest list is growing for our intimate social gathering that is Unlimited Drinks Dublin, coming soon, very soon. Next week in fact — the 10th of July. If you’d like to come along, the details are here.

Tons moving.

It’s good to be back in the centre of mobile diversity.

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