SendMe gets its mits on Warner’s artists

We all know the problems that several companies faced when offering ring poor copies of ringtones from famous artists. Faster than you could say pack of elephants a law suit was dropped that landed, well, heavier than a pack of elephants.

I’ve just had a release land on my desk that is offering something quite nice, akin to this. SendMe has teamed up with Warner, the media group behind many huge names in the record business and will be offering a series of “custom premium SMS subscription products that will enable fans to connect with their favorite artists directly over multiple platforms.”

Clunky phrasing aside, it’s looking like a great offer. Indeed, my editor, Ewan, has stated “I came up with this concept years ago but never implemented it so it’s great to see someone running with it and making it a success. I can really see the value in connecting fans with celebrities via mobile, the most personal of mediums!”

According to the release thousands of WMG artist ringtones, video ringers and wallpaper images will be offered. Exclusive material will be available in the next few months.

Time for the terrible press release quote I’m afraid – why do these never actually say anything:

“Giving our members access to WMG artists marks a milestone in our efforts to deliver the best and broadest catalog of premium content in the market. We are thrilled to work with WMG to not only deliver this content, but also deliver integrated mobile media programs that will allow music fans to experience their favorite WMG artists in entirely new ways,” said Russell Klein, co-founder and CEO of SendMe.

SendMe and sister site SoLow will also be offering prizes to meet and ‘hang’ with today’s hottest artists.

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