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SMS – Keeping your food costs down!

I was just checking the headlines on BBC news, and the Business and Technology section, and I came across a little article about an Italian answer to rising food prices.

According to the article consumers can “check the average price of different foods in northern, central and southern Italy” by using this SMS Service. This is all because of the “Credit Crisis” as we all know it, but I wonder how useful it would be over here?

I mean, if you’re in Waitrose, or Tesco’s, are you going to get out your mobile and text to see if you’re getting the best deal? It’s a good plan, but I don’t see it happening here in the UK.

The aim of this service is also designed to allow or encourage consumers to protest or haggle about the price of the food they buy. Once again, in this economic climate, it’s not an issue of debate, it’s survival; and I’m not in the belief that creating this insecurity is going to do either consumer or business any good.

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