Sony Ericsson: Dead, dying, don’t even bother. We’re a Sony Ericsson Free Zone!

What will it take to get the mobile community excited about a Sony Ericsson device?

Steve Jobs announcing a 100% acquisition, perhaps.

The Xperia looks nice. I had a look at it last week at 3’s event. I was particularly impressed.

To be clear I was impressed at 3. Not at Sony Ericsson. I was impressed at the range of handsets 3 were sporting.

But the Xperia. Lovely. But oh dear. Oh dear me. The moment you switch it on, you realise the problem with the device: It’s a K850 running Windows Mobile. What-a-mistaka-to-maka. Your common-or-garden geek will probably put up with the slouchy operation, but I don’t know what your average normob will make of the crashes, slow UI build-up and sluggish operation. Too bad. Doesn’t matter, does it? They’ll upgrade to it and find themselves locked to an 18 month contract with it.

I haven’t bothered taking a look at Sony Ericsson in-depth ever since they did a Motorola and screwed up their K800i winner of a handset.

I remember when we all used to look forward to Sony Ericsson product announcements. I wanted to see what they’d come up with next.

They’ve lost their way. The devices used to be class-leaders. Now they’re being eaten alive by LG, Samsung and the rest of the marketplace.

I posted an announcement last week about a new Sony Ericsson ‘launch’. I heard about the new handsets they were bringing out.


Well I couldn’t even bring myself to click on to the webcast.

I’ve had it with Sony Ericsson.

You’ll see no more coverage here on SMS Text News until something interesting happens: Either they go out of business, get bought by someone or produce a piece of brilliance.

This won’t actually materially affect your SMS Text News experience because there’s absolutely nothing going on with Sony Ericsson. Not for the foreseeable future.

Thassit, Mr Sony: Keep.On.Chucking.Out.The.Usual.Rubbish.


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