I don’t have an iPhone and I’m not Japanese so I’m a touch envious of one new service for… er, Japanese iPhones. This week saw the launch of an online video rental portal made just for the iPhone.

The service comes from Posren, a Japanese equivalent of Blockbuster, and offers a range of options the very few people that both own the device and live on the island nation.

Is it just me or does this exclusivity make you feel like you’re 18 and trying to get into the most fashionable night club in town but the bouncer is not letting you in because you’re not wearing the correct shoes.

Oh dear, I think a bad memory has just been unlocked there. According to MSN’s tech site:

After logging onto the secure site, they can browse movies by category, check out rental charts, find information on new releases and create wish lists.

It is currently in beta mode so you can browse and set wish lists etc but, unfortunately, you cannot yet rent the damn things. Ah, surely that makes it a video browsal site then.