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Unlimited Drinks Dublin: 10th July – Update

As you know SMS Text News is coming to Dublin … and we’re really looking forward to meeting Ireland’s mobile community. I have some more details about the evening, so here goes.

Critical Info
The date: July 10th (Thursday)
The venue: Magic Glasses Bar, The O’Callaghan Stephen’s Green Hotel, Dublin (map)
The time: 6pm onwards
Get on the guestlist: Email Ewan at ewan@smstextnews.com with the subject UNLIMITED DRINKS = YES as soon as you can.

The background
The Dublin Unlimited Drinks is a chance to meet Ireland’s mobile community. Some of you we know already, many of you we don’t. So we’re really looking forward to meeting you; finding out more about you, your company, your products; then watching you grow. Also, it’s a chance for you to meet other likeminded individuals. We think it will be valuable and interesting for us all.

Who’s supporting it?
This is where thanks are due to Anam, Arantech and ChangingWorlds who are supporting the night. More will be posted about each one of them shortly, but if you see anyone from these three companies on the night don’t forget to say ‘thanks’ and also maybe have a listen to what they do.

What’s happening on the night?
We’ve got an area of the Magic Glasses Bar set aside especially for us. Once you arrive you’ll be met by Ewan – and he’ll insist on taking a card from you and that’s the formalities over. The rest is up to you, it’s all about networking and drinking. No presentations, no announcements, no speeches, no hassle. Just remember to bring your business cards.

The Venue
They say it “is a very trendy spot decorated in warm terra cotta tiles and soft copper lighting. The contrast of the Georgian architecture of the bar with a contemporary setting, brings a unique ambience to the Magic Glasses Bar.” We say it’s all about providing a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that will allow you to chat, mingle and enjoy yourself.

Here are some photos:

The Drinks
I named the evening ‘Unlimited Drinks’ because, genuinely, We’d like to offer unlimited drinks to everyone. It’s posssssssible that could overload Ewan’s capacity to fund it. All things being equal though, you will not pay for beer, wine or soft drinks. Spirits, however, will be chargeable at the bar. Therefore, like many of our big mobile networks with their data plans, there is a fair use policy at Unlimited Drinks.

There will also be a little bit of finger food provided to help the drinks go down.

The other attendees
Expect to meet people with opinions! Expect to meet mobile entrepreneurs, industry executives, analysts, public relations supremeos and those who work in and around the mobile, wireless and web 2.0 industries.

Come on along!
By default, you’re invited. But please email Ewan so we can control the numbers. If you want to come please email right-away with your name (and other guest names and job titles). Mail Ewan, ewan@smstextnews.com with the subject ‘UNLIMITED DRINKS = YES’ and he will reply to confirm.

After the event
You must be sure to give Ewan your business card on the evening as, soon after the event, he will write up a one-liner on every attendee and link to their respective websites. This is one of the highest trafficked elements of the site so do remember this.

We hope to meet you on the night!



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