All is definitely not well with Apple

Every once a while, there comes across a day in your life and things start going haywire enough to make you wonder what did you do wrong to deserve that day. Today, it turns out, is such a day for our very own Steve Jobs.

Not too long after we reported that the Apple Ads which claimed that the iPhone could access ‘all the parts of the internet’ have been taken off air in the UK, comes news about serious flaw that exists in the iPhone firmware 2.0.2. Publishing houses tell us that locking your iPhone with a 4-digit code is not safe at all. In fact, all it takes to gain access to all the private and confidential data stored on the iPhone is one tap on the screen and pressing the home button twice.

So far, the flaw is found to exist only in firmware 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 for the iPhone. Once a user taps the home button twice, he gains access to the phone’s ‘favorites’ and can thus dial any number he wants. Not just that, browsing a little more gives access to the phone’s Address Book and even mail. Imagine the horror when a random user has access to all your emails.

So far, the only work around available is to goto your Settings >> General >> Home Button and then set the option to select ‘Home’. Of course, I’d rather take care of my iPhone well enough. So, what now? Do we see a 2.0.4 right away? Or will it be 2.1 when Apple feels the time is right?

I wonder what Dan has to say.

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