An iPhone and a holier than thou feeling – sign me up now

How’s the battery life in your new iPhone 3G. I haven’t got one yet, in fact I’ve just signed up to a BlackBerry instead.

It’s not because of the battery life. And it’s not that I don’t think the iPhone isn’t impressive (albeit there are several things missing). It’s because I’m on Orange and so will make every little dig I can up to the point where I can actually get my hands on one.

This time I was going to laugh at battery life. Unfortunately someone has already got there first and come up with a solar case for the iPhone. Sure, it doesn’t have the iconic styling of the iPhone’s Jonathan Ive design, but it does have a fantastic appeal to the hippy in us all and even comes complete with ‘holier than though v2.0’.

You’ve got to love it.

With a 10 hour recharge, it’s not the quickest way to fill your battery but what’s a wait when you can feel all warm and pious inside. According to EcoGeek:

“The case uses a solar panel to soak up sun, holds generated energy in a 1500 mAh battery, and then charges up your phone when you insert it.”

EcoGeek also suggests you leave it on the dashboard to charge whilst you’re at work. I guess they don’t have car theft in the US.

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It may not be very eco, but has resurrected the old ipaq sleeve concept for use with the iPhone 3G. At $99 and a hefty weight/size increase it rather defeats the point of the slim Apple design, but I'm definitely going to get one if it means I can get through a whole day without having to carry another handset as just in case insurance,

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