Apple all is not well, is it?

It’s all a bit gloomy for Apple really. Julia reported last week about Apple being sued, and today the Advertising Standards Authority have rapped them for some dodgy advertising.

Apparently the claim that the iPhone can access “all the parts of the internet” is giving a misleading impression to consumers, according to ASA. This has led to ASA banning the advert, so it will no longer be shown within the UK.

I’m not going to start slating Apple, but it doesn’t look too good now does it? They’re getting sued, since the 2.0 release and the 3G release there have been numerous complaints, and now they can’t even get the advertising correct.

It appears that Apple’s lack of functionality with Flash and Java seems to be the main issue behind this; because although the pages may be reached it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be displayed properly. Apple denied that this was a case of false advertising, and that they never claimed that all parts of a website would work with the Safari browser.

In a way it’s a shame Apple have had this, although I may not be a fan of the iPhone or the company as a whole; it’s disappointing to say the least to see a company that did so well with their original release of their product to this.

Apple, I’m rooting for you here… Sort this out!

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