Apple firmware update brings iPhone ‘bug fixes’

Apple has released a new firmware update for the iPhone, OS 2.02.2, promising rather obliquely ‘bug fixes’. Apple being Apple isn’t saying what the bugs are and how they might need fixing, but more than a few commentators are pointing the finger at the 3G problems that seem to have plagued users.

If that was the update’s intention, then it doesn’t seem to have succeeded. Some iPhone users are reporting a slight improvement in their 3G connections, others are reporting the update is more the software equivalent of a chocolate teapot. Any iPhone users out there tried the update? And if so, what did you find?

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2.0.2 seems to make the phone run a bit more smoothly but having tried 3G with it I see no improvement at all. Back to EDGE for me! To be honest, it doesn't bother me at all. Most of my browsing is fine over EDGE and I have wifi available most of the time.

MMS, Copy+Paste and Qik capability on an unjailbroken phone? Now that's what I want. Come on Apple – these are simple things, sort it out!

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