Apple iPhone 3G unlocked – what now?

After fellow contributor Dan Lane figured out how to unlock the Apple iPhone 3G with just 16 pounds and a hole punch (full details including a video coming on Monday’s video podcast), I’ve been considering the way ahead for me.

I think the ultimate iPhone 3G experience must be on UK network operator, 3.  Their data network really is something special.  Trouble is, I can’t remember where I put my 3 SIM.   I think I might need to acquire another one.

Should I ‘unlock’ my o2 iPhone?  I think I’ll try it out.  I’ve been thinking carefully about whether or not to upgrade my iPhone’s o2 price plan because I’ve begun using it more and more as a primary handset.  Primary handsets aren’t good when they come with something shocking like 75 minutes and 75 texts inclusive.

Or I could use my Vodafone SIM, too — that’s currently my primary number.  How convenient!

There is the added arse of having an 18 month o2 contract.  Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, standby for the video podcast this week.  You’ll see Dan Lane unlocking a Nokia N95, real time, in the middle of Covent Garden.  Then you’ll see the same happen again with the Apple iPhone 3G.  (The very same one that took him 8.5 hours in a queue at the Apple store to acquire).

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