Apple’s MobileMe hit in email scam

Online scammers – the type that usually send you badly worded emails with shoddy graphics asking you to give up all your bank details or eBay password – have found themselves a new target in the form of Apple’s MobileMe service.

According to Computerworld, the scammers sent out emails to MobileMe subscribers trying the usual ‘there has been a problem with your account’ tack and a surprising number of them fell for it, yielding details including credit card numbers, passwords and social security numbers, apparently thinking the emails had something to do with the changeover from .Mac to MobileMe.

Normally the criminals just go for the big banks when trying out these sort of scams – it’s a bit of flattery for Apple that an online back-up service has hit the criminals’ radar. Or is it just a sign that the scammers reckon anyone who’s bought an iPhone is easy to part from a large amount of money?

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