Big news coming in this week’s newsletter

I’ve been busy working on my editorial for the newsletter. There’s a lot moving with SMS Text News — including a name change. Final deliberations and confirmations are taking place right now — under the self imposed pressure of a newsletter announcement this week. If you’d like to get first dibs on the new site name and our way ahead for 2008-2009, you should get that about 3pm London time in your inbox, provided you’re signed-up to the Tuesday newsletter.

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By Ewan

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8 replies on “Big news coming in this week’s newsletter”

Great new look – well done to all involved.

Why not have an international section – I live in Istanbul (for most of the year) and there must be many other readers from outside the UK. I would love to see some information reflecting this wider perspective.

Good luck with everything. SMSTN has got bigger and better over the last 18 months I have been a reader – long may it continue.

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