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Blyk – The End is nigh.

Blyk and I are now officially no more. I thought that maybe there was a chance of reconciliation, I was severely misled, and quite possibly slightly delirious, but who could blame me for wanting something to work?

I learnt yesterday after a meeting with the Blyk Manager of User Experience that it isn’t just poor customer service I’ve had, it’s plain ignorance. Blyk don’t want to accept any wrong-doing, even if it’s as simple as human error.

A simple analogy of Blyk would be they want sheep. They want a member base of “lazy students” who jump to their every beck and call, and to be perfectly honest; I’m not a sheep.

So, I end all coverage of my experience with Blyk right here, and right now. I’m joining another network, quite possibly my old one Virgin Mobile, but I’ll shop around to compare prices and stability. The best thing though is I’m not even sorry it’s had to go this far; Blyk don’t want me as their customer, they’ve told me that, and I don’t want them.

Thus the end of my Blyk coverage.

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being honest, i probably wouldnt want you as a customer of mine either as you sound a bit of a dick in this post.

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