Blyk: third time (un)lucky.

I haven’t done an update on the loveliness, that isn’t Blyk in a while; and so, I thought, today I would. I mean, what else is better than having a good old moan?*

Well, to be honest it hasn’t been going good. Yesterday I “celebrated” my six week anniversary of Blyk not working; not much cause for celebration really, but milestone nonetheless. So what has been happening?
Well, not a lot. After a lot of phone calls, and complaining, laughing, and mild shouting Blyk have now come to the up-most conclusion that they are not at fault; it must be my phone. Their answer to my astonishment (and fact I don’t own a selection of phones to choose from) “buy a phone from the Blyk store.” – Excuse me? They are charging £91 for a Samsung J600 – I can buy that for forty-ish pounds in Woolworths.

They’ve also sent me my third Blyk SIM card – lucky me – and I was told to try it in another phone. A lot easier said than done, when all the phones in my house are locked, broken, or five years old. I want it to work, but then again, if it does work, that means it’s my phone, and in short, I’m buggered. I cannot, and will not use a Motorola L6, and why should I have to buy a new phone, when according to Blyk my Sony W810i is completely compatible?

As for the Membercare Team! Communications came to an end on Tuesday after the team manager decided she would “terminate the call”. I fear that Blyk have absolutely no idea how poor their service is, and the fact that they keep insisting that their service is the “best” that they can offer is truly laughable.

So in all, it’s not good. I don’t know what to do with myself, whilst I want to leave Blyk (I have a PAC code and everything now), I wanted Blyk to work for me. I mean, who wouldn’t turn down the chance for free texts and minutes? It’s just a horrible shame that such a good idea has been coupled with appalling service, and lack of response.

Well, it all hangs on whether Blyk works on the L6 now – if it doesn’t it’s actual proof Blyk are at fault, but it also means, having to phone up Blyk again, and talk to people who obviously haven’t the faintest idea on how anything works.

* – I promise, I will actually not moan at least once a week, for the rest of my remaining weeks here at Mobile Industry Review.

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