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Firstly I would like to correct my last Blykwatch post. I mentioned that Blyk did not provide PAC codes, I have now found out they do so apologies for my error there.

I returned back to the UK on the 25th of July and after recovering from my jet lag I looked at my Blyk sim and thought right let’s see if we can get this up and running again. I was dreading it especially after speaking to Samantha who is STILL having a lot of problems (she will be blogging more about her problems soon) , and last time I came back from being abroad it took nearly a week to get it sorted. However it worked yes first time I received all my settings and their test MMS.
Happy Days!

Saturday 26th July
A SMS message today STA travel advertising holidays from £99 and a mobile link as well, however I just came back from my holiday. I also received a MMS brand message from pot noodle which contained a video clip of their advert and a mobile site with the option to download more videos and ringtones. Finally I received a SMS question from Blyk about you-tube and the sort of clips I liked to watch (eg funny, sports, music), and they responded by telling me I can check out Blyk animation on YouTube. Do they think I am 8? In fact I think they are that good you all should take a look.

Monday 28th July
The usual fashion forecast came in the form of an MMS. I received a SMS from a Dj Logan Sam’s (I had to Google him as well), the SMS asked if I wanted to know his top ten, I replied and received a MMS which had his top5 and a sample of a hot new grime tune. Hmm this would have been great if I knew who the DJ had been, but Blyk know that I live nowhere near London.

Tuesday 29th July
An SMS asking what sport I would like to be updated on, I replied football and received a SMS update. Cool in my opinion. I also received a SMS asking if I wanted a free ringtone from Casso Blax , not my sort of music however there was a link to a mobile site to download the free ringtone.

Wednesday 30th July
A SMS from Blyk giving me the opportunity to win a competition and the prize was to be in Lemar’s new dance video. I did not enter as they were shooting the video in Clapham. However a good competition in my view.

Thursday 31st July
I received a SMS asking what I thought about the pot noodle averts I received on Saturday. In my opinion they should have sent this out a few hours after they sent out the advert not a few days later.

Friday 1st August
An SMS from total film asking if I wanted a mini review of certain films and they gave the option of three, I did not reply as the new batman film was not an option and this is then next film I am planning on seeing in the cinema. I also received a SMS asking if I wanted to see the new WKD advert that will be shown in the cinemas, this messages started off alright fella, now I did not like this simply because this is how some of my friends would start their SMS messages to me. It was probably done so the message was not seen as an advert, however I feel that it’s clear its advert so why try and pretend it’s not. I did however respond and viewed the advert.

That is a review of all the messages I received. As the title of the post suggests I am getting a bit board, I think that there needs to be something more from this service. I mean for example let’s take a look at the cinema review question, why was I firstly restricted to three films they had chosen? Why could I not reply batman and they send me a review, and then maybe ask if I wanted to know the times it was playing at my local cinema?

Blyk are heavily promoting a lot of new and upcoming bands, which is great you know they send you free ringtones and competitions and all that. I think there music promotions are a success with me, I may not like their music but I still read and listen what they send me. One band Blyk promoted is now in the charts Alphabeat (I think Ewan saw them at the Blyk birthday party), I remember wow I actually heard about them from Blyk! That’s pretty cool! It’s the other things that are boring there is a lot of repetition, if I see another advert from t3 or the national lottery I think I will scream. The one product advert that in my opinion that has been the best so far was the Lucozade one, I think they sent a SMS initially about sports drinks, then they showed an advert then they sent a voucher for some money off. It’s great I think Domino’s have done something very similar.

I would defiantly like to see the introduction of stopping certain brands sending you adverts but I can also imagine this would never happen as the brands are funding the free calls and texts.
So come on Blyk send me some more exciting campaigns please!

On other Blyk news it seems they are advertising very aggressively on social network site and applications. I was speaking to Samantha today on MSN and we both said how we had seen lots of adverts on facebook and MSN messenger, in fact whilst I was writing about this I was speaking to James Whatley and a Blyk advert popped up. Below is a screenshot!

blyk msn messenger

Blykwatch will be back again next week and as usual any comments or questions, please post below or feel free to email me

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Hi Ricky,

Brilliant post as ever – I can't comment on the Adverts seeing as I can't bloody open the things! 😐 But as for Blyk advertising, the next day or something, I saw a Blyk Advert on MSN in the banner section – I did a print screen of it for you –

They seem to be trying hard to attract members, but failing to retain them!


You seem live a bloody negative knob. stop being such a sulk and be grateful the blyk exists. u dont have to pay for it so shut up

That Casso Blax song is good, i downloaded it and all my mates have it on their phones. I dont listen to grime but that song is wicked stuff, has a nice vibe to it

That Casso Blax song is good, i downloaded it and all my mates have it on their phones. I dont listen to grime but that song is wicked stuff, has a nice vibe to it

That Casso Blax song is good, i downloaded it and all my mates have it on their phones. I dont listen to grime but that song is wicked stuff, has a nice vibe to it

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