Changes-a-foot to SMS Text News

We’ve got a lot of dust coming.

I favour the direct approach when you’re changing things around. I always like to have a poke about newly built stuff, whilst it’s being built, so we’re adopting that viewpoint with SMS Text News.

In the next few days — in fact, today, if you’re especially careful to look — you’ll see our new look. It’s a ‘big’ new look.

All will be revealed in our weekly newsletter that’s due to hit the virtual streets today at 3pm London time.

After that, you’ll start to see goodness knows how many changes and updates. We’re going to do it piecemeal. An update here, a change there — so if you’re sat watching, you’ll be able to see us building the new SMS Text News real time. Or if you check in at the end of the week, you’ll see an entirely different look.

This is, by the way, a really good time to have your SMS Text News niggles resolved. If something has been winding you up, now’s the time to tell us, so we can fix it.

Our news flow will be a little bit dry today as we hold back the good stuff for the rest of the week.

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Otherwise, we’ll see you on the other side.

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