Failed to qualify, Olympics text service could do better

I’m a little frustrated by some of the technology coming out of the Olympics.

I’ve loved watching Phelps’ gold rush, Cooke’s cycling gold was equally amazing to witness and, being a rowing nut, I’ve not moved from the TV whilst these events are on. But, some of the interactive services suck royally.

Aside from screaming at the internet and TV when a mistake meant the lightweight women’s double race, scheduled to be shown, was replaced on both with sailing – made all the worse by a friend competing in it – I’ve been most disappointed by the Beeb’s text service to alert you to the top events.

So far I’ve had the sum total of zero texts to alert me that Cooke could be on for a gold in the road race cycling. Zero texts to alert me that men’s 4-, the flagship boat, is about to race. And zero texts to suggest that a swimming gold was being contested.

I’ve registered twice and am getting particularly fed up. How hard could it be to get this service sorted.

I’m also slightly annoyed that AOL has ajusted the medal table to put the US above China (it’s counting medals, not gold medals as all other charts do). i’m now actually routing for China over the US in everything except the three remaining events in which Phelps is swimming. But that’s beside the point.

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