Flat pack phones, arguments and queues – no it’s not the O2 store on iPhone launch day

It may seem rather sad but my knowledge of Scandinavia is relatively poor. If you take out Skiing, the fjords and, as Monty Python once said, “the løveli lakes” and “the wonderful telephøne system”, I’m left with Ikea and mobile phones.

And now the last two have joined up. Business Week, the Guardian and Silicon have all covered the launch of the Ikea phone. And, as you might expect from the furniture megalith it’s cheap. In fact, it’s undercutting the competition by about 25per cent.

A flat pack phone?

Well, no. I have been assured that it will not be a build yourself. Similarly, there will be no parts missing. And you’ll still get calls for 9p per minute and 6p per text.

It’s not bad, but I still don’t think I’ll be willing to face the queues, family arguments and rather untempting Swedish food at the end – albeit that could just be my local Ikea in Bristol.


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