China Mobile says half a million phone calls were made during Olympic Ceremonies

You’re in the fourth largest country in the world, sitting in a stadium filled with thousands of people present there to watch some of the most spectacular shows and acts ever made, what do you do? I, for one, would have my eyes glued to the performers. But that’s not what the 24,000 users, present at the closing ceremony, did. These users, in the middle of the performances, chose to use their cellphones, reports Cellular News.

Olympic 2008 closing ceremony

A total of over 490,000 phone calls were made on the country’s GSM network, in and around the Beijing National Stadium, on the eve of the Opening and Closing ceremonies for Olympics. Before you start making remarks about the Chinese, the report goes on to mention that 20,000 of the total users were international roaming service users. Believable? 

Surprisingly, a spokesperson for China Mobile went on to reveal that they achieved 100 percent call connection rate and only around 0.27 percent of the calls were dropped.

The company also gifted 15,000 phones to Olympic officials.

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