HTC Android ‘coming in September’

I’m so over the iPhone. The first Android phone? Now that’s some hype I’m willing to buy into – and thanks to T-Mobile for helping me do it. Yes, according to The New York Times, the first Android will come from HTC (yes, we know) and will go on sale exclusively through T-Mobile first.

Another T-Mobile blog says that T-Mo will only get exclusive rights to the device for a week after the launch – expected in September – and then a general launch with a number of operators will follow. The New York Times however reckons there will be a launch announcement in September, with Android phones going on sale the month after.

The T-Mo blog also reckons that the name of the device will be G1, but that sounds more like a development codename than the moniker the device will bear when it finally hits the shelves. Either way, I have a sneaking suspicion I know what will be on my Christmas list this year…

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September? Interesting! Same as the latest smartphone of that mobile-manufacturer-we-do-not-speak-of LOL

Will the HTC Android look like the HTC Diamond? I love the look of that one! Yep, fickle me , I go fot external appearance 😉

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