It’s ok, really, Canadians have a choice. We swear!

I just read this on the Star and seriously almost spit the water I was drinking out.

Today is the first day of Bell charging to receive incoming messages, Telus starts on the 24th. As I’ve reported earlier, both companies were called in front of the Federal Industry minister to explain themselves, which they now have, and the the Minister, Jim Prentice has said the companies have assured him that they’ll reverse the charges for spam messages. Ok fine. Never mind just the unwanted ones your friend Sally sends you, you can’t get out of those.

But anyway,

Here is the absolutely most ridiculous uninformed thing I’ve ever heard out of a Canadian government official (and there has been some doozies in the past)

and I quote:

“I would encourage consumers dissatisfied with existing plans to seek alternatives,” Prentice said in a release.

“The telecommunications market in Canada is dynamic – choice is available.”

Pffffffffffffff. (Imagine water spitting out of mouth at this point) Are you flipping kidding me?

Ok so, you’re on Bell, big mean Bell is charging you now for your text messages. I know! I’ll go to Telus! Ok well, they’re going to start charging to, so they’re out. So with this dynamic telecommunications market, my choice is now…. Rogers.

Yup that’s it friends, you’ve got nothing else.

But what about the others? Sit down dear reader for a brief lesson in the Canadian mobile industry

You have Bell, Telus and Rogers.

“oooh! ooh! but what about Fido Ms. London?”

Well little Timmy, they’re owned by Rogers.

“oooh! but there’s Solo mobile!”

You’re right Susie, but they’re owned by Bell.

“I know I know! There’s the new one! Koodo!”

Ahh yes Bobby, but (as much as they try and keep it quiet) they’re owned by Telus.

True you have Virgin and PC Mobile, and they’re basically PAYG, but both of those use Bell’s infrastructure, so they’re still making some money off it.

I just can’t get over how much choice I have.

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