Just how rich are you – would you pay £500 for a flashing light?

I’m not sure whether to laugh and enjoy the schadenfreude or feel truly sorry for a reviewer calling himself Lee5279.

According to iClarify, someone has accidentally bought the $999.99 “I Am Rich” iPhone app. Unsurprisingly, he is desperately seeking help to get out paying it – from Apple no less.

According to its creator, Armin Heinrich, it also features a “secret mantra” that “may help you to stay rich, healthy and successful.” In reality it’s an app of pointlessness with a dose of justified hatred attached.

This review of the app was posted by the customer desperately trying to get his money back.

As Tech Radar put it:

“Lee5279 claims that he “clicked ‘buy’, thinking it was a joke, to see what would happen.” Surprisingly enough, for an online store, this initiated the transaction, leaving the man $1,000 poorer – but all the richer for the widget. Next time he’s in the market for a useless app, we’d suggest plumping for something similar to the recently-pulled Phonesaber instead: it’s somewhat cheaper and infinitely more fun.”

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