Man has to climb hill to get signal to text for help

There was a small plane crash out in British Columbia on Sunday, horrible tragedy, 5 people were killed. One of the two men who survived sent text messages to his friends to tell him (and to get him to tell rescuers) the location of the crash site.

Unfortunately he couldn’t really get much signal, until he climbed up a hill, with his injuries.

Link: B.C. plane crash survivor had to climb hill to get text messages out

It was Pomponio who was text messaging a friend about where the plane went down. The friend relayed the information to rescue crews, but it took several hours for them to find the site of the crash.

Pomponio told Young he had to climb a hillside to get a signal.

And, Young said, Pomponio wasn’t too thrilled with Telus for sending him two advertising text messages while he was trying to get help.

Oh dear. Ohhhh dear. Yet somehow they got through eh?

And the stickler, if it has been a bit later in the month, he would have gotten charged for the incoming messages!

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