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Nokia N85 and N79 hitting the UK next month

We’ve a guest post today from World of Nokia‘s Dan Carter on the manufacturer’s newest additions coming soon — over to you Dan:

– – – – –

First of all hello everyone from me on my first guest post and thanks to Ewan for the chance to post on the site I have been following since the start. My name is Dan Carter and I run

Now onto the exciting news, and today Nokia announced the long awaited N85 and N79 devices onto the world and best of all are due to go on sale next month!. So here is a little more detail on what you can expect to see from these 2 new devices.

Nokia N85
The N85 is the update to the music based N81 slider which was only announced less than a year ago but with only a few networks taking it into their range it did not sell as hoped. The N85 features a 2.6 inch QVGA screen packing 16 million colours, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash (also supports geotagging), HSDPA for 3.6mb/s data connection. Also on the data front is WiFi and Bluetooth so you have a wide range of ways to get online.

Nokia maps benifits from the internal GPS and this will ship with the latest Nokia Maps 2.0 software which is very handy for anyone who likes traveling and needs to find their way.

Completing the specs are a 3.5mm headset jack so you can connect a wide range of headsets not just what you get in the box, 8GB of memory via a MicroSD card and like the N78 you also get the FM Transmmitter built in so you can stream music to your car stereo or home system which I have tried on the N78 and was very impressed with.

The Nokia music store is also built into the phone (using a data connection) and as muisic is in the heart of this phone Nokia did their best to get the best battery life possible stating 28 hours of music playback before needing a charge.

This phone also supports N-Gage platform and is due to come shipped with 10 demo games with the person buying the phone being able to choose 1 of them free to make a full title.

Nokia N79
The N79 is pretty much a candybar with most of the same specs listed for the N85 but coming with a 4GB card instead, and giving 24 hours of music playback instead of the 28 stated for the N85.

For those of you who are put off by the green back in the photo don’t worry, Nokia are shipping 3 covers with every phone so you can change your colour depending on your mood or just which ever takes your fancy. This is the update to the N78 which has only just gone on sale with Vodafone in the UK.

Both handsets are due to go on sale in September and fingers crossed I will be able to get hands on review units from Nokia to be able to review for everyone.

My personal favourite has to be the N85 because of the slider feature and having the N-Gage buttons with 10 games installed out of the box but will this sell with the N96 just around the corner? O nly time will tell but it looks like Nokia are setting the standard at 5 megapixels with their new phones what with the N82, N85, N79, N96, N95 and 6220 all having the 5 megapixel option.

– – – – –

Thanks for this Dan. Which will you be buying?


  1. wayhay my first post!.. Thanks for the chance to share with your community. I will be going for the N85 i think as i can ger a N96 from work (more on that in another post).

    I wanted a Carbon Arte but at

  2. please help me
    i recieve amessage on my mobile from nokia telling me i won 600.00 pound and they send me tel in uk to call and email too but i dont know if they are thieves or it is true please help me i can forward all the emails that i recieve from them includind thier mail and fax


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