Old and Baffled update!

I said at the end of “Old and Baffled”, that I would update according to any new features or ideas that I got.

Thankfully, I did!

I got an e-mail telling me about another company called Doro – they specialise in simple phones for the elderly and disabled. The best thing about this company is that they sell in high-street retailers, such as Currys.

I also got another e-mail about keypad sizes. This is an issue which infuriates me, I have the least-nimble fingers known to mankind, and I find small buttons near impossible to use. It has actually got so bad, that no matter how brilliant a phone is, if its keypad is useless I can’t buy a phone.

And Kip, who comments a lot around SMS Text News suggested the Sagem Ice?

So I’ve gave my Mum the Sagem Ice to play around with for an hour, and I gave her a couple of tasks – write a text message, take a photo, change the ringtones, and listen to a song I put on the phone.

Simply, my Mum was able to do those tasks. I gave her no guidance whatsoever, and she managed it. She even said “I even managed to change the ringtone, and if I can do it, anyone can. It took me half a year to work out how to do it on my Sony!”

So there you go, maybe the Sagem is the perfect solution for some of the Baffled but equalled styled out people of today?

I’ll be doing a full review on the Sagem phone shortly.

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